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Roger Gorman, CEO, ProFindaRoger Gorman, CEO
It was in March that ProFinda, the total workforce optimization platform announced the addition of Dr.YustinaSaleh, who formerly led skill-based analytics at Emsi, The Analytics Center of Excellence at Rutgers, real-time labour analytics at Burning Glass, and labour market and demographic research for the State of New Jersey.

Saleh will serve as ProFinda's Chief Product Office and Head of Analytics. Yustina will lead the product, data science and R&D teams where she will help drive and accelerate unique Skills IP generation. Expressing the teams' excitement CEO of ProFinda, Roger Gorman says, "At ProFinda we are dedicated to advancing the science of skills and workforce optimization. So, we are thrilled to have Yustina join our leadership and help drive best of class thinking and innovation. We love her thinking, expertise, energy, and her innovative approach to client outcomes."

Saleh is joining ProFinda's leadership at a pivotal junction in their journey and bringing an array of extremely complementary experiences. As the previous Executive Vice President of Research and Analytics for Emsi, Saleh explains her recent move: "There is a multitude of tools and products serving learning, recruitment, internal mobility, and workforce planning today. Using these single purpose tools immediately creates a trade-off. Before ProFinda there was never a product that intelligently synchronized all these pieces. With ProFinda I see the exact blueprint to the future of work where all the stakeholders are winning collectively. I see the win-win for all the players."

ProFinda has recently won clients who represent the largest, most complex businesses in the world, including members of the Big Four, leading banks and governments.
At its core, ProFinda has been leading the Future of the Work agenda and transforming leading organizations into becoming skills-based organizations (SBO) since 2011. The ProFinda platform enables organizations to make intelligent data driven decisions on matching the right people to work and connecting employees around knowledge. Deploying ProFinda enables organisations to drive better work productivity, employee utilisation and engagement. The company uses machine intelligence to understand the skills, knowledge and experience of an organizations total talent supply chain (internal and external).

ProFinda’s ground-breaking technology uses a machine learning platform to build a dynamic and detailed map to far better understand the skills and knowledge of the total workforce. This is based on a skills ‘ontology’, which utilises tools such as semantic parsing and matching to dramatically increase understanding of skills. It is part of a new category of workforce optimisation technology that is becoming essential for organisations wishing to be more adaptive and agile. ProFinda creates a unique 360 degree holistic talent profile for every person in the talent supply chain from the daily digital footprint that they leave. Organizations finally have line of sight of all the resources they can call upon regardless of their employment type. The company is working with global knowledge intensive organisations including Professional Services firms, Systems integrators, BPO, Civil Engineering, Defense and Governments. This “science of skills” enables organisations to improve how they leverage the skills of their collective workforce, including internal employees, contractors and alumni. It intelligently matches project requirements to ability and knowledge.

Due to ProFinda’s competency in the workforce management space, the company received an investment of £1m from Nesta. Nesta Impact Investments supports businesses like ProFinda which have the potential to deliver clear social impact as a part of their business model. Gorman informs, “We are already working globally with some of the most knowledge intensive firms, helping them adapt to the future of work through a skills lens. Nesta’s investment is key to enabling us to use these corporate deployments to light the way for organisations everywhere to see that there is a better way to match a person to a piece of work for the benefit of everyone.”
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Roger Gorman, CEO

ProFinda is a pioneering Total Workforce Optimization platform, that intelligently organizes people and work